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Raleigh Precision Tooling Services

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Raleigh Precision Tool & Gauge Services:



We provide custom assembly fixtures, CMM fixtures, or shop floor jigs every day - we're the experts in this field.

Doosan Lynx 2100

Wear Item and Replacement Tooling

We are ready to help manufacturers with replacement and wear item tooling needs. We provide innovative solutions that maximize efficiency and cost!

Up close grinding with spinning fixutre

Hard Processing

We excel in providing solutions for the challenges of hard processing. Working with hardened materials that require grinding and EDM finishing is no problem for us.

Precision Gage and Tooling North Carolina

Precision Tooling

Our typical quantities run from 1 to 50. Precision, one-of-a-kind custom tooling is speciality.

Custom Gages

Custom Gauges

Progressive Tooling offers craft custom gages that are cost-effective and easy to use, thus reducing common errors.

OEM replacement and reverse engineering services

OEM Replacement / Reverse Engineering

We are highly experienced in crafting custom replacements for a range of parts, including brackets, sprockets, custom gears, and modifications to OEM components.


Raleigh Industries We Work With:


Whether manufacturing specialized tooling or making and servicing metering pumps for gel cap manufacturers, we prioritize quick turnaround times and competitive pricing.


With the capability to hold tolerances as low as .0001″, Progressive Tool sets the standard for precision manufacturing in the military industry.

Nuclear Energy

One of Progressive Tool’s key strengths lies in our ability to work with challenging materials, such as high-grade alloys and exotic metals used in nuclear applications.

CBD & Tobacco Industry

With our in-depth understanding of machining techniques and materials, we’re adept at achieving precise specifications without compromise, especially in end-of-arm tooling applications


Progressive Tool is your trusted partner in engineering, providing precision tooling solutions to drive innovation and efficiency.


Whether it’s reducing turnaround times, enhancing precision, or optimizing costs, our custom tooling solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the aerospace industry.

Why Choose Progressive Tool

  • Reliable & Trusted

    We have been serving the Raleigh area since 1984. Our dedication to building long lasting relationships with our customers sets us apart from other businesses.
  • Experienced & Educated

    Our team employs individuals who have finished a four-year apprenticeship or are currently serving one. We also feature an on-site engineer.
  • Dedicated

    We support apprenticeship training programs and helped to forge the original curriculum for the NC tool & die apprenticeship program.
  • Agile Problem-Solvers

    We work quick, and focus on finding solutions which produce the highest quality and longevity.
Well Saw

Reviews for our Raleigh , NC Precision Tooling Business

Hear from our satisfied customers why they keep coming back year after year.

We have worked with Progressive Tool for over 20 years. In this time, they have never let us down. They have always been great to work with and provide real assistance in solving our challenging design goals.
Frank, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
HighPoint, NC
Progressive Tool has provided my companies with First Class service and workmanship since 2000 when I opened a division of my company in High Point, NC. Since this time, I have opened another facility in North Canton, OH and continue to contact Progressive Tool with all our needs. Nothing but the highest quality and service.
Jim, Custom Tooling Manufacturer
High Point, NC
Top-notch machine shop that has a true understanding of the right way to do things.
Will, Defense Contractor
Greensboro, NC
Progressive Tool is a top-quality shop. Over the last seven years of partnership, we have zero complaints. The quality and customer service is unmatched.
Zach, Tobacco Processing
Tobaccoville, NC
From design concept to delivering on time, I always call Progressive Tool.
Dustin, Firearms Manufacturer
Bainbridge, GA
Dick and Ryan at Progressive Tool have been a great resource for problem solving. Their recommendation for material selection has improved tooling life on our ultrasonic process.
John, Medical Supply
Whitsett, NC
I have to deal with a lot of vendors and contractors, the one vendor that I do not have to worry about is Progressive Tool. Precision machining, great pricing and dependable service is what I get every time.
Chris, Filter Manufacturer
Greensboro, NC
Upclose grinding with spinning fixrture
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