About Us

Progressive Tool has been serving precision tooling and gaging needs in central North Carolina since 1984. We actively support apprenticeship training in tool and die making. All of our shop employees have either finished a four year apprenticeship or are now serving on one.

Using our experience to do the job right and efficiently from the start, builds quality into our tooling. Building precision tooling, gages, and automated assemblies is what we are in business for, not a sideline. EDM work and grinding take up about 30% of our total shop floor space.

Our expertise can make your tooling or manufacturing process more efficient, longer lasting, work better and be more cost effective.

True CAD-CAM Capability

By using in-house Auto-Cad  Inventor 3D Solid Models or our customer's CAD files, we can generate machine tool programs from original design geometry to ensure that the integrity of the original design data is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

We design and build a family of custom modular gages from start to finish. All of our designs include complete documentation. R&R studies can be provided upon request.

Quality Control

Inspection equipment is routinely calibrated and employees' personal tools checked for accuracy. We believe that quality doesn’t cost - it pays. Quality can only be built in, not inspected in. Our reputation as one of the highest quality shops in the area has been earned by adhering to a policy of not compromising on accuracy.

Progressive Tool has a Quality Management System  in place which was designed to be ISO 9001:2000 compliant. Our quality manual includes standards for document control and calibration standards.


A majority of our work requires some type of finishing operation after heat treating. Grinding either Surface, Form, Cylindrical, or Centerless is performed with state of the art, well maintained equipment in a separate environment removed from the conventional machining area of the shop.

Close Tolerance?       No Problem!

Wire and Sinker EDM

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is another of the finishing operations which make up a large part of our work. Years of experience in fixturing, workholding, programming and recognizing proper cutting conditions lets us make efficient use of these machines. Precision machines, along with the experience and skills to use them, are the only ways to build truly precise tooling.


Precision Machining

Our pride is shown in the form of a well kept workplace. Precision tools can be built more efficiently in a well organized, fully equipped setting. Having equipment clean and ready to use lets us complete work efficiently, without compromise. A strict policy of preventive maintenance means dependability when we need it.



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