Precision Parts

Miniature mold cavity with .005 by .007 finger grips

Grippers, pick and place fingers

Nylon Prototype Lock

D-2 Tool Steel Rollers

Bearing Insertion Tooling

I.C. Lead Anvil

Die Form Tool

Piercing Anvil

Delrin Concept Prototype

Assembly Tooling

CNC Ground Form Rail

Needle Insertion Tooling

Expanding Collet

Wire EDMED Clevis

Air Assist Adaptor

Prototype Housing

Cage Assembly Tooling

Tool Steel Chopper Wheels

372 Slot Chopper Wheel

Bearing Installation Tooling

Prototype Delrin Grommets

Custom Stainless Steel Fittings

Hard Turning


Electric centers

Grinding between electric centers

Work In Process

More W I P

Concentricity pins

Cylindrical Grinding

Fibre optic cable tray


I D Grinding


Seven inch thick stainless extrusion tool


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